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There’s an art and an etiquette to giving good hand. Whether I’m using my own hands, lending a hand (sometimes I like when my husband places his hand over my hand and uses my hand as a masturbation toy) or using en-“hand”-cements, a hand job can be so much more than a meh experience. Especially when you find a cool toy for boys.

For example: the Mood Thrill. An affordably priced, beautifully designed shaft and head stroker, this toy takes the art of hand jobs to a higher level.

The bold blue color and sleek design give the Mood Thrill a modern feel, and the lifelike UltraSKYN sleeve is ridiculously soft.

When I first took it out of the packaging, I could NOT stop touching it.

Before I got down to business with my husband, I wanted to feel what the inside of this thing was like for myself. I placed my fingers inside the sleeve. My touch was welcomed by three different experiences. First, my fingers ran over some juicy massage beads. Next it was a  series of ribbed crevices. And finally, I felt my way to a tighter and more tapered beaded finish. I suddenly wanted a dick.

Alas, I don’t have one myself, so I had to do the next best thing. Reach for my husband’s. Or let him reach for it himself. The morning after I got the Mood Thrill, I left our new boy toy someplace I knew it would undoubtedly catch his eye. I placed a small bottle of lube on the side of the sleeve and went about my day.

That night, while I was reading one room over, I heard a sound coming from the bedroom. The Mood Thrill’s texture and shape give it a distinctive sound when squished and squeezed, and I could tell my husband couldn’t keep his hands off of it either, just like me. That was my cue to enter.

He was holding the stroker in one hand, and lube in the other, and could barely contain his excitement. He smiled and said, “Ready and waiting.”

Once I was sure the kids were in bed (sexy, I know), I checked in with the party in his pants. When kissing and rubbing led to the standing attention I’d hoped for, I began what I affectionately dubbed “Operation Smurf Sex.”

I pretended to be a nurse. Then I told my husband that the doctor had ordered a special procedure to evaluate his erectile efficiency, and the Mood Thrill was my very official medical boner-tester. It would require his utmost confidence in my ability to listen to his body.

I gave him permission to use words like “slower” and “faster,” “harder” and “softer.”

He could also ask for more lube. Oh, yeah, and I pulled out a blindfold – for heightened sensation. He went from low moaning to loud groaning, and adding a few encouraging directions. Then – minutes later – he was done.

It wasn’t long before I lost my husband to blissed out sleep. I got up to rinse out the sleeve (so simple to clean!), and really considered the toy. It helped us to break out of the monotony of our evening routine without it requiring a lot of time or planning.

Whether you need a mood enhancer or a thrilling new experience, it’s a novel, neat and new sensation.


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