From clitoral erections to whether the G-spot is a myth, here’s 6 surprising sex facts you probably didn’t know:

The first electric vibrator was invented to treat hysteria in women.

The electric vibrator was invented in 1869 to treat women with “hysteria” or “female disorders”. This steam-powered massager was designed as a medical tool for treating “hysteria,” a medical term developed to describe a woman’s display of mental or emotional distress. This behavior was considered a disease in need of treatment – and was viewed as the most common health complaint among women. Physicians used these massagers for genital massage treatment, with the goal of inducing “hysterical paroxysm” (better known as orgasm) in the patient.

The G-spot is not a myth. And every woman has one.

The “G-spot”, named after Dr. Grafenberg (the doctor who discovered it), anatomically, is the urethral sponge. Every woman has a urethral sponge, which serves a biological purpose. This small, rigid, oval area of the spongy tissue surrounds the urethral cord and engorges with blood during excitement and intercourse, protecting the woman’s delicate urinary passageway from her lover’s pleasure-pounding. And when stimulated, it can provide great sexual pleasure for some women.

Women get boners, too.

The phrase “Lady Boner” is accurate. The clitoris is made up of the same spongy erectile tissue as the penis, which expands and engorges with blood when aroused. So, women can get adorable little lady-boners. The clitoris can double in size in some women! To observe this for yourself, simply look at your clitoris and vulva in a mirror when aroused, and you should see the difference. You can touch and feel it too – your clitoris may be bigger and more firm. But please note, every woman is different and clitoral erections come in all forms. If you don’t see or feel a huge difference, that’s totally normal as well.

If you don’t keep your clitoris active, you can lose it.

Use it or lose It. It’s incredibly rare, but there is a medical condition known as “clitoral atrophy”, which occurs when the clitoris doesn’t receive enough blood flow for an extended amount of time. This can cause the clitoris to retract into the body, or even result in the clitoral hood fusing to cover the clitoral head. So, it’s not just a good mantra, but good practice: “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!”

Contrary to popular belief, Cowgirl is the best position for a woman to orgasm.

The best sex position for a woman to orgasm isn’t Missionary, as many think. It’s actually cowrgirl, or girl on top. This is because she is in complete control of the speed, depth, angle and positioning, and can tailor it all to exactly what she needs to gyrate herself to climax! Pro tip: if you tilt your pelvis forward so your pubic mound and clitoris is pressing against his body with more constant contact, you’ll get more of the friction you need, and be able to create that amazing orgasm you desire.

The #1 thing men say makes for a 5-star BJ is enthusiasm.

When it comes to blow jobs, people often think it’s fast, deep stroking with your mouth that he wants, and that will bring him to orgasm. But the truth is while many men love the feel of your mouth, they also desire the added stimulation of incorporating your hands. And most important, being enthusiastic about it all. The combination of good technique, desire to please and enthusiasm is the winning combination. To learn about the popular “Double Twister” illustrated hand-stroking technique, pick up a copy of my bestsellnig book Tickle His Pickle – Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing and turn to page P. 71.

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6 Surprising Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know
6 Surprising Sex Facts You Probably Didn\'t Know

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