Slippery Kitty Strawberry Review
There’s a huge stigma surrounding lube, especially with women. Some women are naturally slick, and that’s great. Consider lube your below-the-belt little helper. It makes sex more comfortable and pleasurable – especially for women. Especially if you experience dryness or discomfort, there are ways to get busy that don’t involve spit. I know, the wetter I am, the more I enjoy oral, anal and vaginal sexual pleasure. Ladies, there’s no reason to have bone-dry sex, ever. So, why wouldn’t you use lube?

If you haven’t found a lube that feels good, you haven’t found the right one. Strawberry Slippery Kitty Lube is lightweight, silky and definitely not too sticky. My skin is super sensitive, and Slippery Kitty’s water-based formula is friendly to my sensitive fleshy bits. It’s latex friendly and plays nice with my arsenal of silicone toys. It’s also made without parabens and glycerin, which makes my ingredient-conscious self happy. Make a mess? (I sure hope so.) It’s a breeze to clean off your body and sheets.

I recently enlisted the help of one of my male partners to see how this lube stacked up against other bedside go-tos. Since lube can be used in so many ways, we hatched a well-rounded plan of research that entailed a small vibe, a slow hand job, oral sex and intercourse. If anything, I’m thorough when it comes to exploring pleasure.

To warm things up, Josh* dabbed some Slippery Kitty on my clit and used a small vibe to gently play and tease my hot spot. Next, I slathered his length and started to slowly stroke him to attention. No friction! I then savored the strawberry flavor as I licked up and down before consuming him. Some flavored lubes taste like a Yankee Candle. This tasted like a fresh-picked strawberry without any fake synthetic flavor. I was into it. How we smell and taste down there can be an issue for some (I generally don’t mind) and this lube pleasantly overwhelms the senses with deliciousness.

It was my turn for oral fun and Josh quickly commented on how yummy I tasted. I don’t think it’s a coincidence he ended up going down on my longer than usual. After a leisurely stretch of slippery foreplay, we added a few more drops to his tip and my clit, before enjoying a smooth orgasmic ride.

One of the best features of Strawberry Slippery Kitty Lube is that despite extended play, I wasn’t sore the next day. I rarely have issues self-lubricating, but believe that wetter is always better. Lube steps up sensitivity, so I can slip, slide and enjoy sex, and all its beautiful variations, more. This one makes it taste unforgettable.

For pleasure on-the-go, there are TSA travel-friendly 2oz bottles available.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.


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Slippery Kitty Made Everything (Down There) Tastier
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