4 full-pleasure anal intercourse positions

Whether you’re giving or receiving, you are now at the brink of buttplay’s ultimate joyride—the most satisfying full-body, full-pleasure adventure you may ever experience.

dr. sadie's top 5 positions for g-spot strokingThere’s no right or wrong position for analplay intercourse—the very best (as always) comes down to whatever satisfies you most. After all, when you factor in personal flexibility, comfort, experience level, body size and shape, and top it off with lusty likes and inner desires—and everything feels right—you’ll know you’ve scored your jackpot! We’ve listed the best positions for top-notch analplay:

“Jelly Roll”

With the receiver’s legs to one side, you can push and pull in erotic harmony. Try gently rocking on an extended downstroke, giving the receiver plenty of pleasure thrills while you both enjoy extraordinary body views and orgasmic genital play.

jelly roll

“Wish Boner”

With hands gripping ankles, you can now target the G-spot with shallow (but strategic) penetration. Heighten the excitement with a hands-free vibrator dancing on her clitoris. This position also makes double penetration easy. A wearable, insertable vibrator like the Butterfly Remote Venus Penis will do the trick. A well-positioned towel-covered pillow under the receiver’s butt completes the magic.

wish boner

“Red Cheeks”

Ideal for positioning each other at the perfect height—his upright position lends itself to power thrusting, balance and leverage. Extra credit: can either of you imagine how this position gets its name?

red cheeks

“View Master”

Get outta the bedroom and into the chaise! What’s his reward for having both hands free? He can push and pull her thighs and tease her clitoris as he drinks in the spectacular up-close eye- candy. And by all means, choose a stable chair!

view master

Have fun exploring these exciting tried-and-true pleasure positions. Crave more? Pick up my bestseller, Tickle My Tush: Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty and adapt more than 100 new tips and tricks into backdoor adventures for both of you.

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4 Full-Pleasure Anal Intercourse Positions
4 Full-Pleasure Anal Intercourse Positions
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  • February 25, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    My partner seriouslt loves anal. Once you educate yr self as to all the things you need to know and both of you are so adept and familiar you can go into the other realm of this taunting electrifying delicious sexual activity. Rimming is the best. We have a bath and i lick her anus till she can’t stand it anymore. Anal sex is also a taboo and for hundreds of years was seen as an abomination. Mainly cause the church thougjt its not producing babies. But with no contrception abail good catholics had anal as the number one sexual act and with it the guilt. Its this that makes it so kinky. Sodomising yoyr partner and the back door wad also called the devils hole, due mainly to the fact that anyone doing it wasn’t procreating they were enjoying gratuitous sex, the anus is hot and tight and once in you can cum multiple times ad it keeps you erect and is so godamn tight and juicy. We are back door people and to boot my girl has the nicest shaped posterior in the world and loves me worshipping her from behind like i am at an alter of the goddess.


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