dr sadie's top 5 positions for g spot stroking

Every woman on earth is graced with a G-spot—a powerful epicenter of deep, satisfying, body-pulsing orgasms—yet none can experience its profound pleasures without the secret of its magic touch.

Hello, guys…are you listening?
find the g-spot

The G-spot is a small, ridged, oval-ish area of spongy tissue that’s 2-to-3 inches inside the vagina, on its upper wall, just behind the pubic hairline. It’s easier to locate than you might imagine. Slide a lubricated finger or two inside the vagina, along the upper wall, with fingertips facing up so you can curve your fingers toward the belly. At 2-to-3 inches inside, when the vagina’s sensual softness turns to sensational ridgy-ness—eureka—you’ve found it!

Now that the G-spot has been located with fingertips, grab your partner and find it using a penis! Try out these top G-spot positions and be wowed with direct G-spot stimulation.

G Marks The Spot

Both grind in tiny circles, he resists the in’n’out temptation, and she keeps his penis pressed into her G-spot. Want more gyrating power? She leans forward and hugs his neck.
g marks the spot

Lady Godiva

Hold still, mister! She’s ready to rock out right on her own G-spot. As she’s nearing a lusty finish, he grasps her hips and sends her gyrations into overdrive.
the bull's-eye

Leap Frog

If he’s tall, and her quads are fit, this may very well be the perfect G-spot pleasure-angle.
leap frog


For precise aim and a snug fit, his legs go outside hers. She holds perfectly still ’til he presses into her G-spot, then both gyrate together as her fingers—or a clitoral vibrator—find her clitoris.
the bull's-eye


She gyrates wildly, pressing his erect penis into her excited G-spot with her entire body. He sits perfectly still (although he CAN go up on tippy-toes to assist her angle).
tilt a whirl

Introducing these G-spot lovin’ moves in the bedroom is sure to lead to body-melting pleasure and heart-racing orgasms. Want to know more secrets to better lovemaking? Grab a copy of one of my best-selling books, Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking.

ride em cowgirl

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Dr. Sadie’s Top 5 Positions for G-spot Stroking
Dr. Sadie\'s Top 5 Positions for G-spot Stroking
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One thought on “Dr. Sadie’s Top 5 Positions for G-spot Stroking

  • April 19, 2020 at 7:33 am

    I’m thinking most of the positions mentioned would be best suited to a man with a penis which is either fairly straight or curved upward. For us who’s penis is curved downward most of those positions will send most of the penis away from the g-spot. I just want to make sure that the shape/direction of the penis can also play a big role in g-spot pleasures.


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