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Role play? We may see it as something cheesy in movies or deep in the recommendations of a “sex tips” section in magazines, yet we do it every year. Does Halloween ring a bell?

Halloween is the time of year we all look forward to: The themed parties, the fun photos, running around like crazy to get last minute costume items. If we take roleplaying this seriously for Halloween, it’s obvious how much fun dressing up can be in the bedroom.

Role play is so much more than a costume

Beyond the costume, dressing up in the bedroom is a chance to live out fantasies, play certain characters, and add an element of thrill you’ve been seeking. Have you always had a crush on TinkerBell? Wanted to live out your Cat Woman fantasy? Waiting for Iron Man to swoop in and save you? Role play opens up the arena, making anything possible… with sex.

What’s your ideal role play fantasy?

Before roleplaying, have a conversation with your partner about it. Discuss what characters, costumes, or scenes have interested you: Have fun with this portion! You can set up a scenario with your partner, decide on characters, and discuss what you would like done. None of it has to make sense, which is the best part. If you want to dress like a hot nurse and they want to be a safari guide, make it happen and see how those two characters can come (and cum) together. 

Be your partner’s fantasy

Has your partner ever expressed that naughty cop fantasy or wanted to see you with blond hair? Now is the chance. Some have avoided role-play because they feel it’s their partner desiring someone else. This is rarely the case, more so, they are excited to see another version of you. Besides, what would be the fun of role-play without you in it? Talk to your partner about their fantasies, and vice versa. You’ll be surprised at the juicy ideas you come up with together, and actually get to live out. 

Embrace your alter ego with practice

Ideally, you’ll want to prepare for this moment and get into your character. Your character is not you, it’s your alter ego. Where you may be shy in person, perhaps your alter ego is daring and bratty. Perhaps you lead a dominant life, and your character takes a submissive, receiving role. We totally get it though: Acting and embracing an alter ego can make us nervous, or even give us stage fright. For this reason, practice being them in your day to day life. Think, how would Cat Woman start her day? Respond to that message? Put on her lingerie? 

If you’re having trouble with inspiration, try mirroring a movie scene. Observe how a character walks, talks, and even their mannerisms. Are they fast to respond? Move sexually? Talk loudly or low? Just a bit of practice can really make or break this piece. When we embody, we become – and your partner will love seeing you switch into character. 

Set the role play scene

The scene is almost as important as the characters and costumes! Plan out the best time, place, and what you need to make the fantasy come to life. Do you need to get props? Make decorations? Maybe plan out something daring, like saving your partner in public? If you aren’t sure about the setting, try meeting each other in public as “strangers”. While in your character, introduce yourself to each other and let the fantasy flow from there. Halloween is the best time to do it, and no eyes will turn your way as you both enjoy the most creative of thrills. 

Make your role play sexier with sex toys

How can you use sex toys to add to your scene and character? Say you’re meeting in public, can your partner control a vibrator while you act out your scene with the We-Vibe Jive? Can a wand vibrator like the Le Wand Massager be used as a character prop, say to replace a sword? Is your partner a cowgirl that needs a saddle, like the Cowgirl Sex Machine? Perhaps delicious blood can be replaced with an edible lube like Strawberry Slipper Kitty Lube? 

It’s your time to shine, lovers

Kick your characters into gear, set your scene, get your props, and buckle up for a night of delicious fun as your new characters. Be daring, be bold, and most importantly remember to have a few laughs: This is fun, and new!

Role Play into Fantasy Heaven
Role Play into Fantasy Heaven
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