5 masturbation myths debunked tickle kitty blogWe’re dead smack in the middle of “No Nut November”, and truly, we aren’t holding up. If you don’t know, “No Nut November” is an internet trend started to challenge people to avoid “nutting” or having an orgasm for an entire month. Crazy, right? Primarily this trend has been aimed at men and avoiding masturbation — but is it just another gimmick? 

We’re debunking 5 common masturbation myths, helping you (and your self pleasure) stay strong, sexy, and healthy!

“Masturbating reduces testosterone levels”

A common argument against masturbation, and used heavily when asking men to withhold from orgasm and masturbation, is the idea of reduced testosterone or lower sperm count. This myth about masturbation has been found to be untrue, with masturbation in males having no long lasting side effects on hormones. A study that took place at a sex club found that “In both men and women, testosterone levels were highest after intercourse. Levels were lower before sex and on days with no intercourse. These results suggest that sexual activity influences testosterone rather than testosterone influencing sexual activity.” 

In many ways, we can actually predict that no sexual activity perhaps keeps testosterone levels lower, which doesn’t sound like much of a benefit to us. Keep cumming, lovers!

“Masturbation lowers sex drive”

While masturbation can help curve our sexual appetite when we are craving it, it most definitely doesn’t wipe out sexual desire. Ironically, regular masturbation can actually help us stay sexually hungry for more with ourselves and our partners. We highly recommend masturbating regularly even when you’re in a relationship, as it’s a lovely time for self-care and heating things up for when your partner(s) isn’t around. If you feel your sex drive has been off, set aside 15-30 minutes each day to self pleasure for a sexy boost in your routine.

“Don’t masturbate in a relationship”

A common misconception is that masturbating in a relationship means you aren’t satisfied with your relationship — on the contrary! Masturbating regularly is some well deserved “you time”, and keeps your sex drive thriving. Make it fun by having some mutual masturbation, watching each other get off and seeing your partner’s reaction. We recommend bringing some sextoys to the mix, or ones that you can control from afar to see them squirm with excitement. 

“Masturbating desensitizes you”

Ahhhh, the age old idea that if you masturbate you may desensitize your genitals! Back in the day, this myth was used to scare off people from engaging in some good ol’ self pleasure. Technically, you can’t get desensitized but, you can get used to the same sensation and seek more. 

If you’re masturbating often and feel like it’s lost its spark, try these few tips:

  • Take a few days off in between masturbating. While some of us can masturbate easily 2-3 times a day, perhaps it becomes routine or doesn’t feel as exciting. Allow a few days in between to build anticipation, and see how good it feels  “cumming” back to yourself.
  • Slow down: As we said above, masturbation can become routine for some. Instead of quickly slamming out the big O before work or bed, slow down when you pleasure yourself. Taking your time while you masturbate can help you build more sensation and anticipation — try popping on a film you love, or reading some erotica to get your imagination going. 
  • Shake up your touch! Do you masturbate the exact same way, every time? This can get repetitive, and lose its magical sensation. Experiment with different strokes, rhythms, and pressures. If you have a penis, try using a sextoy like a masturbation stroker or cock ring to enhance the experience. If you have a vagina, consider switching your sessions between using hands and vibrators to keep every experience new and varied with sensation.
  • Try using a lubricant like GoLove CBD Lube, which can help calm anxiety, decrease inflammation, and add a kick ass glide to your masturbation routine. 

“Masturbation is addictive”

Just like anything in life, masturbation can become a problem for some. But, this isn’t to say that frequent masturbation is any cause for concern, in fact it’s pretty typical. It’s totally normal to masturbate frequently, and yes, multiple times a day. If you have time, why not? Remember to shake up your routine when you masturbate so it’s not repetitive. Try varying with how much time you take, and take a couple of days off to see if that varies your sensation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with touching yourself, and doing it often — we strongly encourage it. 

It’s best to listen to your own body, and needs

Bottomline — don’t worry so much about masturbation myths or fad internet challenges. Masturbation is completely normal, healthy, and in many ways an essential in keeping us sexually vibrant and satisfied. The key is finding the best ways to make masturbation work for you, and your lifestyle. You are your most important (and safest) sexual partner!

5 Masturbation Myths Debunked
5 Masturbation Myths Debunked
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