Discovering Your G-spot - Lesson 1

Let’s talk about the elusive G-spot. Unlike unicorns, Bigfoot, and your chances of winning the lottery, the G-spot is 100% real. Every woman on earth is graced with a G-spot—a powerful epicenter of deep, satisfying, body-pulsing orgasms—yet none can experience its profound pleasures without the secret of its magic touch. Hello, guys, are you listening?

We’ll start with the what, where and how to begin your orgasmic G-spot adventures…

What And Where Is The G-spot?

The G-spot is a small, ridged, oval-ish area of spongy tissue that’s 2-to-3 inches inside the vagina, on its upper wall, just behind the pubic hairline.

The right touch can be pleasurable beyond belief, but the G-spot also serves an important biological purpose. During sexual excitement, it swells with blood to cushion the urethral cord it surrounds, protecting the woman’s delicate urinary passageway from her lover’s rapid-fire pleasure-pounding.

The G-spot is easier to locate than you might imagine. Slide a lubricated finger or two inside the vagina, along the upper wall, with fingertips facing up so you can curve your fingers toward the belly. At 2-to-3 inches inside, when the vagina’s sensual soft ness turns to sensational ridgy-ness—eureka—you’ve found it!

To the touch, the G-spot feels a little bulgy, about the area of a quarter, with ridges that feel much like those along the roof of your mouth (run the tip of your tongue up top now for a free demo). If you have trouble finding it, try exploring after some heated foreplay, when it swells from stimulation and excitement.

Learning the G-Spot Magic Touch

Touching the G-spot with the same gentle caressing that excites the clitoris probably won’t create the erotic heat you seek. Here’s why.

While the clitoris is super-packed with millions of touch-sensitive pleasure receptors, the G-spot is not. However, the G-spot does respond in a big way to a different type of erotic stimulation: pressure.

If you’re ready to experience explosive G-spot orgasms, just stroke it firmly and directly with a finger, a G-spot sex toy, and of course, the head of a heat-seeking penis.

For more tips and techniques to get your (or your lady’s) G-spot rocking, don’t forget to check out Dr. Sadie’s bestselling guide, Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman’s Guide To Sexual Self-Pleasure.

Your G-spot Homework

For Her: Get acquainted with your G-spot solo – so you won’t have the pressure of an overeager lover distracting you from the fab new sensations you’re feeling. Try to find the position that gives you the most G-spot joy (and it’s different for every woman.) Then give your partner a nice long demonstration to really work him up before he gets any hands-on practice.

For Him: Show her G-spot some TLC. Remember to start with plenty of foreplay, so her G-spot will be bigger and easier to find. Then touch your fingertip directly to her G-spot, and gently bend and unbend your knuckle as if to gesture “come here.” Don’t worry, she will. Gradually increase the pressure of your touch. Try new rhythms. Stroke in small circles. Tap rapidly. Add in a second finger. You get the idea….

Extra Credit: Pick out a G-spot toy for yourself or your lover. Choose wisely, as they come in all shapes and sizes—from attachments to your favorite power wand, to handheld vibes both big and small.


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Discovering Your G-Spot—Lesson 1
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  • March 23, 2017 at 10:50 am

    Very interesting. While I was aware of the G spot and it’s capabilities… this indepth tutorial was very informative. Thanks.

    • March 23, 2017 at 11:07 am

      Hi Kent, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy the blog was helpful to you. Be on the look-out – there’s more Lessons to come on the G-spot!


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