the he-spot: his orgasm trigger

Amazingly, guys have a powerful orgasm trigger besides the penis, yet many have never gone near it. A bit surprising, huh?

That spot is the prostate, which some call the “P-spot,” and others call the “He-spot.” After all, it is about him. This walnut-sized gland is two-to-three inches inside the A-spot (anus), just behind the pubic hairline. The prostate’s job is to create and store much of the fluid for ejaculation, so millions of sperm can hitch a ride out of the body during orgasm.

Stroking the He-spot directly can actually trigger orgasms quickly and easily—even if the penis isn’t being touched! Guys describe this type of orgasm as locally intense and mind-blowing (whereas women describe their G-spot orgasms as more full-bodied).

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What holds so many guys back from experiencing this magnificent gift of pleasure? Penetration inhibition. Yet by exploring techniques with a caring, willing lover, he may discover an entire new world of sexual satisfaction awaiting at his own back door. And all you need is a single fingertip to get him there!

How to Stimulate His He-Spot

Whether your guy is confident or cautious, giving him a He-spot orgasm can change his outlook on life—and on you. If he’s game (all you have to do is ask!), here’s what comes next:

Always touch his He-spot with care. Remember, it’s a gland. Start with light fingertip rubbing, using the same pressure you’d use to rub your eyeball through a closed eyelid. Try stroking the He-spot with either a “come hither” stroke or a windshield wiper motion (but no poking, please!).

No matter how you’re stroking him, he may not be able to discern your exact motions. Try two different stroking styles, and then whisper, “Do you like A…or B?” This will make it practical for him to guide you. From there, it gets easier by simply asking: Harder? Softer? Slower? Faster?

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Don’t be surprised if he loses his erection—it’s perfectly common—but you may need to reassure him as well. This doesn’t mean he’s not having the time of his life, or that he won’t come—it’s just his body’s way of directing all his energy and focus to your loving touch as his pelvic muscles relax. If you want to really blow his mind, blow him at the same time!

If he does orgasm from prostate play, his ejaculate may flow out—rather than in his customary squirts or streams. Or he may show all the physical signs of coming, yet nothing comes out. Or he may never come this way at all. And guess what? It’s all okay.

If you’re wearing a strap-on, review these penetration tips first, then get ready for the time of his (and your) life!


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The He-Spot: His Orgasm Trigger
The He-Spot: His Orgasm Trigger
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