How to Seduce Him With Your Words

What’s the dirtiest thing you ever moaned during sex?

If “the lampshade needs dusting” ever crossed your lips, here’s a better way to open the pipeline directly into his pleasure center: erotic talking. If talking during sex is new to you—or you feel a bit self- conscious—remember that it’s perfectly okay because everything you say is just between the two of you.

Once you break the sound barrier, you’ll discover that dirty talk can be truly liberating, and the perfect tool to cultivate desire. More than just a big turn-on—you also find out what each of you likes. Here are a few tricks to talk your way to tantalizing pleasure:

1. Ease into it.

Lightly brush your lips against his ear, and softly whisper how good you feel when he touches you. Watching porn might have led you to believe that “dirty talk” always needs the nastiest profanity you can think of. Not true! You might not be comfortable saying it, and he may not be comfortable hearing it. “Mm, that feels so good,” can be just as pants-droppingly effective.

2. Try sounds instead of words.

Moans, mmmms, ohhhs and ahhhs—even the noises of kissing, breathing, licking and sucking— are sexy to the ear. But authenticity is important—don’t fake it if you’re not feeling it. He knows the difference between what you sound like when you’re in the moment, and his favorite porn star moaning.

3. When you’re ready, try words together with sounds.

Tell him in a breathy voice what you’re about to do to him. “I’m going to take you in my mouth.” If you feel like you’re doing all the talking, ask him a non-yes-or-no question about what he wants you to do, like, “Where do you want me to lick you now?”

4. Pay attention to what he likes.

Every guy is different, and they’ll all like different things. He may love to hear you gasp, but be less interested in sucking sounds. Just think about your preferences—every sound he makes probably isn’t a turn on for you. If he’s responds when you talk dirty, get dirtier. Or if hearing you moan makes him squirm, get louder.

5. Be honest.

Say you’re hot when you’re hot; wet when you’re wet; coming when you’re coming. Score extra erotic points by breathlessly saying his name. “Do you want to watch me touch myself, Richard?” You can even pour out one of your sexual fantasies in extreme detail. Remember, he wants to know.

Bonus! Phrases your guy LOVES to hear.

These phrases are going to sound awfully silly if you’re reading this alone on your laptop. But they’re going to sound awfully hot when you say any one of these to your guy in the heat of passion.

  • Does that feel good, baby?
  • Do you like when I touch myself here? I’ll do anything for you.
  • I love your dick in my mouth.
  • Your touch makes me so hot.
  • Do you want it faster, softer, tighter…? You make me so wet.
  • Please come all over me.
  • You feel so good inside me.
  • Mmmmm, you taste good.

Remember: if you’re feeling it, say it. Keep it short and breathy. How you say it can be just as important as what you say. And be sure to say the sexiest thing of all: his name.


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How to Seduce Him with Your Words
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