8 Millennial Sex and Relationship Terms You Should Know

I have an embarrassing confession…

I had to look up a lot of these terms. I’m a self-proclaimed “dating guru,” but the kids these days are inventing all kinds of trendy terms, and it’s hard to keep up.

Feel free to let me know in the comments how many of these words you already know. I’d love to learn how hip you are.

1. Ghosting

Things are going pretty great between yourself and your boo. You’ve gone on a few dates; you talk into the early hours, maybe you’ve even had sex. And then, all of a sudden and without any warning, your supposed boo stops responding to your texts. Or your calls. Or your 47 voicemails.

This is what happens when you get ghosted. Your boo turned into Boo from Mario (a ghost). They vanish without explanation, and you’re left to wonder where things went wrong.

2. Sexting

Without cell phones, this wonderful phrase could never have been inventedToys for Couples and enjoyed by naughty people everywhere. Sexting occurs when you text sexy messages over your phone. It doesn’t matter how near or far you are from your romantic partner; you can still have sexy times.

Sexting goes to show that humans always find a way to make everything sexual.

3. Friendzone

Ah, the friendzone. Numerous men fall into this invisible enclosure with no way out. I’ve been there. You might have been there too.

The friendzone is a place one person (usually a woman) puts another person (almost always a man who is totally in love) when they don’t see romantic possibilities with this person. Once in the friendzone, you’ve been trapped. Categorized. Shot down from any sort of romance from the friendzoner. And it’s likely you’ll remain there for all of eternity. It’s highly unlikely a man can emerge from this zone as attractive to the woman who put him there. Women are very stubborn about this.

4. Fuckboy

This type of person is the ultimate antagonist of today’s dating scene. He doesn’t even deserve the title of man.

He will do whatever he can to get into bed with a member of the opposite sex, even if it means leading her on and breaking her heart. The only thing he looks out for is his penis.

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5. Dick pic

Exactly what the title suggests. Women hope to avoid them, and men hope to find someone who enjoys them. People who send unsolicited dick pics will typically have the mentality of: “Please. Anyone. Just accept my dick pic and tell me it’s pretty.”

6. Bae or boo

These are both terms of endearment for a romantic partner or even a close friend. They are also the most adorable terms on this list. See #1 for examples.

7. Cuffing season

This is the “fifth season” of the year which runs from late fall to early spring. It’s when two people decide to spend romantic time together during the cold months. It’s certainly a great way to stay warm. Or to finish everything on Netflix.

8. Catch feelings

When you begin liking someone, even when you’re doing everything in your power not to, is what it’s like to catch feelings. The best time to use this phrase is whenTop Vibrators you’re in a FWB (friends with benefits) relationship, and you find yourself unable to stop thinking of the other person.

Catching feelings is similar to contracting cooties. If you’re not careful, you’ll get it, and it’s quite difficult to shake off.

Congratulations! Now you don’t need to hold up an urban dictionary to decipher what the heck those danged kids are talking about nowadays. You’re near fluent in youth sex and relationship terms.

It may sound like a lot of these sayings are negative, and that’s because they are. The youth dating scene is in crises, and we (they? I’m 32 now) need help. Although women are having a lot more orgasms and sex toys are fucking amazing these days, so I guess it’s not all that bad.


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8 Millennial Sex and Relationship Terms You Should Know
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