Hot Tub Takeover

As Shakti was in the middle of a lunge, she felt a sharp pain in her right quad. It was so bad, she almost lost her balance, and her face tightened in response to the burning.

“Sit!” Ellen, her trainer, pointed to a bench. She examined the leg. “You’re lucky. It’s just a cramp. Let me work on it.”

Ellen’s pressure on the knot got the muscle to release. “There. It’ll be sore for a bit, but you’re OK. That’s it for today, so go sit in the whirlpool. Use the jet in the right corner. Let it work it’s magic, and you’ll feel like a new woman. You’ll be fine for Friday’s workout.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” she saluted.

Shakti headed for the locker room. Because she’d only recently joined the gym, she hadn’t had a chance to try out the hot tub yet. She’d eyed the seductive, bubbly waters every time she passed the enormous 15-person tub on the way to the shower. After each tough workout, she dreamed of soaking her sore muscles in it. Now was her chance. She showered quickly and waded into the empty body of gently churning water.

She had no trouble finding the jet Ellen referred to. It was noticeably stronger than the others. However, because there was a ledge all the way around the tub for people to sit on, it took some finesse to position herself so the jet hit directly against her quad. She glanced at the clock on the wall. She could tend to the muscle for another ten minutes, then have enough time to shower, dress and get back to work.

After a few uncomfortable minutes, she decided to shift position. But she moved too abruptly, lost her balance and splashed into the water. Mid-tumble, however, she felt something… ‘Whoa! Where did that come from?’

A wave of exquisitely delicious liquid heat—more intense than anything she’d ever felt—coursed through her body. It was just as well she was submerged. The water muted what would have been an uncontrollable, loud moan. The electric jolt had turned her brain into mush and her legs into noodles. It took her a minute to right herself and come back to earth.

There could be only one explanation. The strong, warm stream from the jet must have brushed her clitoris as she fell. But that was just a quick, glancing touch. How could something so passing generate such a shock of absolutely extraordinary pleasure? At home, she’d played with her handheld shower-head enough to know that her clit loved being massaged by warm, pulsing water. But she’d never felt anything like this.

Intrigued, she carefully knelt on the ledge and positioned herself so the jet hit her clit head on. She instantly let out a short, deep, passionate grunt. ‘Oh fuck!’ Her body vibrated so much, she had to grab the edge of the tub to keep from falling again. Her knees buckled, and her clit moved out of the line of fire.

She stepped back and tried to clear her head. ‘Oh my God. This is amazing!’ She looked at the clock and bit her lip. She’d be late. She’d keep an important client waiting. She’d never done that. She was Miss Dependable. Her boss would ask what had happened. What would she say? It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. Nothing but the prospect of an amazing orgasm.

She heard voices in the locker room and shower. There was no guarantee someone wouldn’t join her in the tub at the crucial moment. She had to act quickly. Did she dare? What if someone saw her? Her body pulsed with desire. She was helpless against temptation’s pull. She surrendered.

She clenched her jaw tightly. She couldn’t make any incriminating sounds. She positioned herself and gripped the edge of the tub firmly. Pleasure filled her immediately. In an instant, her entire body tingled.  Her hips ground against the hard stream. She closed her eyes, leaned forward and desperately fucked the jet. She swallowed a moan. She tried, but failed, to silence a series of grunts. The pleasure was nothing like she’d ever felt before. It was so primal, part of her actually wanted someone to see what she was doing.

The vibrations kicked up to become a veritable electric charge. It was like holding onto a live wire so powerful she was unable to let go. The current surged. As her body tensed, she felt herself lifted up. Higher. Higher. Her brain was so awash with pleasure, she felt lightheaded. Her body tensed even more. Tighter. Tighter. She was wound so tightly, her need for release was painful. ‘Oh fuck. Please! Please!’ All at once she exploded in ecstasy. Her pussy spasmed. Her hips bucked. Her entire body shook. Her heart pounded so furiously, it felt like it would burst through her chest. She gripped the tub’s edge as liquid joy shot through her. She buried her head against her arm struggling to muffle a deep moan. She stayed that way until her body quieted. As her head cleared, she took a deep breath. ‘Amazing. Fanfuckingtastic! Just what I needed.’

When she stepped back and turned to leave, a woman was entering the tub. Had she seen Shakti getting herself off? ‘Act normal! Act normal!’ she ordered herself. She smiled sheepishly at the woman. “I just joined. This was my first chance to try this. Quad cramp. I feel so much better.”

“Yes,” she replied with a smirk. “I bet you do.”

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“Hot Tub Takeover”
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