10 Game of Thrones Scenes so Hot Winter Won't Come But You WillSeven Hells! Game of Thrones has given us some of the best television of the decade, from epic battles to moments hotter than Drogon’s breath. So to pay tribute to this soon-to-end series (sob!), allow us to offer you scenes so 🔥 a red priestess would see visions, a White Walker would turn red, an unsullied would feel phantom throbbing, and a knight’s sword would go harder than Valyrian steel.

NOTE: Spoilers for GoT’s previous seasons lie ahea—oh, who are we kidding? You’ve probably seen them all by now! Valar morghulis.

1. 6-8 Inches of Snow

Ygritte was able to turn Jon Snow from a grim, brooding bastard boy to a grim, brooding bastard MAN. It’s a scene that’s sexy, playful, and ultimately romantic—and definitely one of our favorites from the series. We actually rooted for the two characters to end up happily ever after. Hey, we know it’s Game of Thrones, but you can always dream, right?

2. Missandie-ayyummm!

We all know that Missandei and Grey Worm ended up consummating their love despite the latter not having his err… grey worm. But that was less sexy than it was romantic. What really got us going is when Grey Worm accidentally (well, not really) spied on Dany’s very own handmaiden washing her clothes in the river. It’s thinking about the things these two beautiful people would do to each other once they can’t contain themselves anymore that makes this a worthy addition to our list.

3. The Imp Definitely Wasn’t Limp

I never trusted Shay, and although my suspicions were later substantiated, I can’t deny how feisty and seductive she was. When instructed to, “fuck me like it’s my last night in this world,” by Tyrion, you know she didn’t disappoint (mostly because he began loving her despite all the absurd misadventures it caused him).

4. A Schlong of Ice in Fire

The entirety of womankind (and quite a few fellas) was blessed by Jon Snow’s sculpted bottom when fire and ice finally collided. And since we had already become accustomed to incest by this point, it wasn’t repulsively taboo.

5. No, Please—Leave The Necklace On, Baby

Oh, that Stannis: is there anything he wouldn’t do to take the Iron Throne? Well, we won’t hold it against him in this case. Having some rough table sex with the hottest red priestess in the Known World is one military strategy we could definitely get behind!

6. Littlefinger, Big Expectations

Littlefinger certainly trained his staff to be the premiere prostitutes of King’s Landing. Plain ol’ sex is well and good, but making sure one gets their gold coins worth is something Petyr Baelish takes very, very seriously. It’s not just about the whoopee; it’s about fulfilling fantasies with a fiery passion.

7. Renly Prefers the Rose’s Thorn

Anyone who says that Game of Thrones only caters to straight guys and gals can be roasted with dragon fire. For one, it’s got a little bit of everything for everybody, and that time Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell made the beast with two backs is a shining example of this.

8. Orgy Team Assemble!

Speaking of having a little something for everybody, no two characters embody that trait better than the late Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand, his paramour. These two characters are voracious in all the right ways, which shows in spades during this scene where they choose which people will be lucky enough to share their bed.

9. Frey’s Daughters Get Robb’ed

Robb and Talisa really shouldn’t because of the promise made to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters, but they just can’t help surrendering to their feelings. This makes their love scene super hot and provides that emotional heft to the characters that made viewers devastated when they met their end. And by “end,” we mean the Red Wedding, otherwise known as the episode where George R.R. Martin further proves he is sadistic and hates us.

10. Targaryen Drogo-rider

At this point, Daenerys has become a legitimate dragonrider. But back when her badass, fire-breathing children were just a clutch of scaly dragon eggs, our little Miss Stormborn was taught to properly mount other creatures by her handmaiden Doreah (drool). After all, there’s no better place to start working your way up to riding dragons than with Khal Drogo.


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10 Game of Thrones Scenes So Hot Winter Won’t Come, But You Will
10 Game of Thrones Scenes So Hot Winter Won’t Come, But You Will
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