Sex Toy for Her: CALLIE Vibrating Mini-WandLike the Girl Scout motto “be prepared,” I always have a sex toy in my purse ready to go.

Having a less-than-stellar day?

A self-love quickie on the spot will release the happy hormone of oxytocin and get your mood back on track.

The key is that my erotic accessory must be small, discreet and quiet. I’m not above slipping into a bathroom stall to buzz out a Big O if I’m having a bad day. And although I have exhibitionist tendencies, the humming sound of a sex toy isn’t what I want to broadcast in those situations.

Cue the CALLIE Mini-Wand by Jopen.

This sleek white stunner is both petite and portable. For beginners, its size and ergonomic design is non-intimidating. For more experienced vibe-connoisseurs, it delivers. Big time. Size-wise, it’s a bit larger than you’re your average bullet vibe (5” x 1”) and powerful enough to get the job done. Bonus points for being velvety soft to the touch with just the right amount of sparkle. Oh, and this glam little go-to is whisper quiet.

Before I road-tested the CALLIE, I got myself in the mood – dim lights, a few candles, all while giving myself a slow manual vulva massage (with lube, of course). Sometimes I watch porn or read erotica, but this time I only needed one of my nastiest fantasies to get my brain where it needed to be. It’s so important to take your time and do whatever is necessary to get your head in the game, and I usually need 20-30 minutes of clitoral stimulation to climax. And this lil’ toy did not disappoint!

When I was slick and ready, I turned the vibe on its lowest setting and made contact with my clit. It didn’t take much pressure to arouse me. I circled my clit with the consistent pulsing and ran the toy up and down my vulva before penetrating myself with the toy, and then my fingers. (Like many women, I require clitoral stimulation plus penetration to get off.) I had a great time building my excitement with the vibe’s 7 functions of vibration, escalation and pulsations. It pretty much offered any type of pressure or rhythm I wanted.

But it’s the grand finale that counts, right?

Well, CALLIE didn’t disappoint. She proves that big orgasms can come from stylish little vibrators.

Whether you want play solo or introduce sex toys to the bedroom with a lover, this versatile toy is a definite winner. It’s waterproof and USB rechargeable, so no ill-timed moments when batteries die. Charges completely in 2 hours – runs on high for an hour, or 2 hours on low. If you’re looking for a toe-curling happy ending, CALLIE is your gal.

Check out the CALLIE Vibrating Mini-Wand here!

The Perfect Sex Toy for the Chic Woman
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