TRIO Luxury Plug

“Bring the butt plug,” Jim texted me.

“Okay,” I replied. “I want you to fill me up. In every possible way.”

“Bring another toy too, in case I can’t perform. Then I can work the two of them inside of you,” he wrote. I’d seen how much booze he’d consumed the previous night and took his concern into serious consideration.

I was on vacation at Hedonism II in Jamaica and had told this sweet Canadian the previous night about my newest sex toy, the Trio Triple-Vibe Remote-Control Butt Plug.

At the clothing optional, anything goes resort, it was not uncommon for our conversation to jump from his admiration for my tits to my love of anal play in a hot second. We set up a tentative play date for the following morning.

The minute I received his text, I grabbed the clutch-sized storage black case that housed the Trio and its remote control. As I walked across the resort to Jim’s room, I admit, the idea of anal play aroused me. (It usually does.) I entered his room, we briefly made out, then stripped down to get down to the butt business at hand.

We lubed up the Trio, then he slowly slid it into my ass as I positioned myself in reverse cowgirl and he fingerfucked my pussy from behind. As a gal who likes a wide variety of anal toy sizes depending upon my mood and dynamic, the Trio is a good mid-range, easily insertable size. It could easily be worn out and about comfortably under clothes for pseudo-public sexy time (on my to-do list, for sure). Although I could’ve orgasmed right then, I wasn’t ready, so I moved my body to his side and went down on Jeff as he grabbed the remote control to have some fun.

With my ass in the air, he switched between the Trio’s vibrations and patterns, making my ass twitch in anticipation of what was coming next. Did I mention there were mirrors on the ceiling to admire this whole super-hot scenario unfold? The 5-inch butt plug touts three tiny motors that run the length of the toy, which means a triple threat delivery of pleasure from the tip, body and stem of the plug. My hips squirmed as he switched between settings and I continued to suck him off and circle my clit with my forefinger. Eventually I came, then stroked him to orgasm.

The remote itself is sleek and palm-sized, so it could be used in public without attracting attention. It works up to a 30-foot radius. It’s also shower-friendly and splash-proof, which makes my frequently-traveling head spin at all the potential, on-the-road hotel room scenarios.

If you’re new to anal play, this toy is the perfect size for testing the waters. For more experienced backdoor enthusiasts, the remote control feature allows for all sorts of beyond-the-bed play options. And if you have exhibitionist tendencies (like moi), you’ll want to take the Trio out on the town. No matter how you decide to enjoy this quality plug, it’ll make your ass and your partner happy. Jim can attest.


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This Toy Will Make You Beg for Butt Play
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