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Big dick energy. Obama has it. Jack Nicholson has it. Oprah has it.

It conveys a patina of endowment, without the prerequisite of a large member or even possessing a floppy thing between your legs in the first place.

When applied to the bedroom, big dick energy (BDE) is a brazen faith that your goods—looks, moves, pizzazz—are what romantic interests need, while remaining humble (because one with BDE doesn’t need approval or validation). Here’s how to exude this intoxicating energy in the bedroom:

Be prepared

A major tenet of BDE is to ensure her comfort throughout the entire experience. Have some lube and condoms in your drawer. Extra soft kleenex at arm’s reach. A comfy robe to drape over her afterwards for that awkward waddle to the bathroom. Maybe some nice lavender hand soap by the sink.

Whoa, did she just have sex or a day at the spa? Either way, she’s going to want to book another appointment ASAP.

Brave the unknown

Be the guy who takes her by the hand and leads her from the bedroom. Have you guys done it on the sofa? In the kitchen? Outside where you can totally get caught, but you don’t care because you have massive BDE?

Be shameless

You, my friend, are enough. Who f@cking cares what you’re hiding under your SpongeBob patterned undies? Use what you got and do so unapologetically.

If you spend the entire romantic encounter thinking you’re not good enough, you’ll become disabled with performance anxiety and won’t even enjoy the experience. You’ll probably lose your erection too.

Instead, stop comparing yourself to some imaginary lover and accept who you are. Then shift the focus from yourself to your partner.

Focus on her

Now that your attention has moved to where it should be (your sexy friend and her scrumptious body), it’s time to give her a time she’ll never forget.

First of all, read this. This is now your bible.

Everything else will now just fall into place. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

Be confident, but not too confident

So now maybe you have a little bit of confidence because of the bible mentioned above. Embrace that confidence. Let it flow through you. Go ahead and carry a silent knowing, in the way you saunter into a room and hold yourself in a conversation, that you’d give your date the night of her life. But always remain humble about this newfound swagger. If you start gloating about how “great you are” in bed, you’re automatically transformed from someone with big dick energy to just a dick.

Whip out a sex toy

This a classic BDE power move right here. It says that her pleasure is paramount. You don’t need approval or reassurance—you already know you’ve got it going on, and this sex toy is only going to enhance the experience. Have a browse through our toys for couples.

Take control

When you kiss her, put her against a wall and separate her legs with your knees. When you tear off her clothes, kiss, lick, and bite her skin as it’s exposed. And when you f@ck her, don’t be afraid to use your strength to move her around.

Introduce a new position

If you guide her through a new position, it shows initiative, resourcefulness, and raging BDE. Explore the Tickle Kitty blog for some new ideas.

In conclusion, big dick energy is right up there with beards and dad skills on on a woman’s sexiness scale. It emits a vibe that you have what she needs, which is powerfully attractive and intoxicating. In fact, BDE makes you more desirable than actually having a big dick.

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8 Ways To Ooze Big Dick Energy In The Bedroom
8 Ways To Ooze Big Dick Energy In The Bedroom
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