Aromatherapy for a Hot Sex Life

Scent is one of our basic, most primal senses. The other 4 senses are touch, taste, sight and sound. If you want to find out what turns you and your lover on and amp up your love life, spend as much time as you can exploring all 5. Dive deep, be curious, try things, experiment…you’ll recall some sentimental favorites and make exciting associations with new ones.

Our sense of smell is important. It is at the core of our being from the beginning. Our awareness of it took place in the first few moments of life. toys for womenIt has the ability to trigger our memory, bring comfort, make us feel safe and more connected. We use it all the time. It is one of our most powerful senses and interestingly, it is said that our sense of smell travels faster to our brain than even our sense of sight or sound.

When it comes to love and lust, scent can be a huge trigger. Just think about it: the smell of your partner’s body, sweat or perfume, fresh sheets, leather, flowers, the scent of places you’ve visited together, etc. Without realizing it we’ve cataloged many scents that we associate with love, sex or our partner. When you experience that scent again it can flood your body with a surge of good memories, feelings and hormones.

Along with the mental trigger certain scents create, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils also have a unique ability to genuinely affect our mind and body’s chemistry.

How does that happen, you ask?

Collected from living plant sources, the molecules that the oils emit travel into our body transdermally, or through our olfactory system (meaning you can apply them to your skin or inhale them). They meet and mix with our own biology and have the ability to create dramatic effects. When they stimulate our chemistry and hormones they can alter our behavior, physiology and the emotional portion of our brain.

People often wonder why their libido changes and they go through periods of “lack of desire.” I believe that a few of the most common things are:

A decrease of our “sex hormones” (usually due to things like childbirth, menopause, age and even stress. Poor health (sickness, lack of exercise, or medications). Mental depression and exhaustion, or feeling less attractive/desirable and reduced self-worth and self-care.

There are different ways to tackle those issues (I say, try anything and everything) including…drum roll please…pure, therapeutic-grade essential toys for menoils! They are simple, powerful and extremely effective. Some oils might make you feel more imaginative, focused or put you in a positive mind-set. Some could help calm you down and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Some oils increase your energy, stamina and zest for life. Others work like aphrodisiacs and can make you feel attractive and flirty, connected to your partner and more in love, or more orgasmic and turned-on because you are so present in your body. The best way to use them is by applying diluted ones (in healthy coconut oil or sweet almond oil) directly to your skin and hair, ideally around your pulse points and erogenous zones. Let them heat up with the warmth of your own skin and mix with your chemistry, or inhale them (from your skin or diffuser in the room. Another romantic idea is putting them in massage oils or washing your sheets with them.

Now you’re like, Okay, great. Which ones will rock my world?

Got it. Here are our top favorites for getting your sexy back:

Clary Sage

  • Powerful aphrodisiac
  • Opens your mind to be more curious and inspired to try new things
  • Makes you more creative (good for playing with fantasies)
  • Balances hormones and relives symptoms from PMS, and menopause
  • Alleviates sexual insecurity


  • A proven aphrodisiac, especially for men
  • Increases loving and affectionate thoughts
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Warms you up and awakens your senses
  • Enhances male sexual performance


  • Increases male sexual potency, stamina, and confidence
  • Warming and increases sense of connection
  • Forgiving and helps you open your heart to more love

Woods like : Cedarwood and Sandalwood

  • Mood and confidence boosting
  • Warming and increases feelings of kindness
  • Alleviates stress and muscle aches
  • Relieves tension and is extremely calming
  • Very grounding so you can be present with your partner

Citrus scents like Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lemon and Grapefruit

  • Feel vibrant, alive, sexy and attractive
  • More glow with increased energy and happiness
  • Love and enjoy your body more
  • Builds self-confidence, self worth and acceptance
  • Relieves negative emotions, depression and stress
  • Increases creativity and fantasy play


  • Enjoy your feminity and power
  • Increase sexual desire and libido
  • More loving, romantic and kind hearted
  • Feel like a sex goddess

Now that you know which scents will prime you and your lover for maximum pleasure, go out and experiment! For more information on aromatherapy and the benefits of essential oils, visit

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How to Use Aromatherapy for a Hot Sex Life
How to Use Aromatherapy for a Hot Sex Life
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