Super Exciting Sex Stories, Told by Real People

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you in bed? When asking this question to a few of my more ‘experienced’ friends the dopey smiles that crossed their faces were heartwarming. They’ve had some pretty great sex. Recalling it brings up memories of epic orgasms, tantalizing teasing, fantasies realized, and more. Good sex is standard, but great sex can be elusive, so when you find it the memories become something of legend.

Here are the best things done in bed, as told by people who experienced them.

Domination Desires

“I always told my girlfriend about this fantasy I had about fishnet stockings, her hair pulled back and wet, and me tied to the bed. We never actually made that fantasy happen while we were together, but we did meet up one night post-breakup, on my birthday, when she surprised me at home with all the fixings to make the fantasy happen. It was one of the best nights of sex I’ve ever had. It kind of made me realize how great of a girlfriend she could be and that I didn’t appreciate her. We’re still friends to this day and I tell her that fantasy made me truly realize what I lost.” — Dan, 39

Talk This Way

“I think we all have some pretty twisted fantasies that we don’t share with many partners. You wait for that special partner who isn’t going to judge you. I’ve had a long-standing, long-distance hookup buddy who I can tell absolutely any fantasy to. And I have some strange ones. Like, step-brother step-sister ones. But this woman just allows me to say whatever comes naturally and doesn’t make me feel like a freak. She even engages back with me in the dirty talk and asks me questions to fill out the fantasy. I feel like I can completely be myself with her because she’s not in my everyday world.” — Steve, 33

Persistent Pleasure

“You know when you’ve just had too many orgasms in one session and your vagina gets super sensitive and you just can’t possibly be touched anymore? Yeah, well, I thought I was at that point. But my partner insisted he go down on me despite my arguments of, ‘Not again. I can’t again.’ Well, turns out I could, and I did. And I thanked that good man.” — Lauren, 29


Flattery Gets You Anywhere

“I actually like to be complimented on my performance in bed. When a guy compliments my skills at pleasing him, it turns me on. I thrive on the positive feedback. One time a guy kept praising me as I was giving him a blowjob, showering me with adulation and praise and really giving me those grunts of positivity. It absolutely drove me insane to the point where I couldn’t even finish him, I had to get on top of him.” — Samantha, 30

Target Acquired

“One guy was able to target my G-spot by pressing down on my pelvis from the outside. To this day I still haven’t been able to have other guys replicate it. It was the craziest, most intense orgasm and it felt amazing.” — Margaret, 42

Blasts from the Past

“This may sound weird, but my girlfriend and I get off watching videos of each other having sex with previous partners. It took a while before we both were able to admit to each other that we were independently into that. Imagine our surprise when we both said, “I like that, too!” Now it’s a healthy part of our sex life. We don’t swing or sleep with other people, but the idea of bringing each other into these past moments makes it like we are reliving it together and sharing it together. I love watching her get off, and vice versa. It actually brought us insanely close together and has lead to the best sex I’ve ever had.” — Michael, 36

Test Drive

“I met a guy on Tinder but it took a few months before we actually met in person because he lives far away. In those months we developed a sexy friendship with flirty conversations and the occasional nudie pic. By the time we met the anticipation was so intense. But he didn’t want to jump into sex right away. Instead he basically took my body for a test drive. With our underwear on he tossed me around the bed like a rag doll seeing which positions would suit our bodies best. No one has ever done that to me before. It was insanely hot to build the anticipation even further, so that when we finally did take our clothes off I was dying for him to touch me.” — Gaby, 31

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Super Exciting Sex Stories, Told by Real People
Super Exciting Sex Stories, Told by Real People
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