What Kind of Valentine's Girl are You?If after a fight with your boyfriend you received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from him, what would your reaction be?

  1. My pupils would turn to little hearts and I would get temporary amnesia of the fight.
  2. I would be happy he was sorry but forgiveness would depend on what he wrote on the card.
  3. I would feel a bit insulted that he thought he could buy out my forgiveness like that

Which one of the following scenarios is closer to a proposal daydream for you?

  1. A well thought and organized treasure hunt, where one clue would lead to the next note, to the next location, to my treasure ring box!
  2. A heartfelt speech of how much he loves me.
  3. I don’t believe in marriage.

If you found a Valentine’s day card in the mail

  1. I would squeal! And secretly hope a lot of people saw it in my mail before I picked it up. Yes, I never get over high school.
  2. I would keep a straight face and as soon as I took it back home and closed the door behind me, I would squeal.
  3. I would assume it was a prank.

Do you already have plans for Valentine’s day?

  1. No, but I’m sure someone has a plan for me!
  2. I have purposely kept my day open.
  3. When is Valentine’s day?

If you answered mostly A …

You are the kind of girl that Valentine’s day was made for, and you’re not ashamed to admit it, both to others and to yourself. You enjoy life, you allow your feelings to take over you, and you never miss an opportunity to celebrate. What will make you the happiest on this day is to see that the guy you want to spend it with has devoted time and effort to woo you – and the more people will witness it the better!

You’re the type that would enjoy surprising your man at dinner with something glamorous and sexy… like the fun Moxie Panty Vibrator with Remote Control… who knew excusing yourself to powder your nose could be so fun!

If you answered mostly B …

You are a romantic pragmatist – part of you wants to put on a red dress and drink champagne for a romantic date in a candlelit of a French restaurant, but there’s another part that can’t help but remind you that what actually matters is the love and not the appearances. The key to you having a good time on Valentine’s day is to feel that whatever you do comes from the heart and not because the day dictated it.

Since deep connection and intimacy with your man is really important to you, you’d enjoy Tickle Kitty’s own “Shot of Love” Valentine Kit. It is an all-inclusive lovers kit, with goodies for both of you—so the playing field is even.

If you answered mostly C …

You’re the grinch of V-day and you kind of like yourself that way too. You will probably spend the day looking around restaurants or at flower arrangements and chocolate boxes while you mumble incoherent jibberish that contains words like “commercial”, “made-up”, and “capitalist”. A good bet for you having a good day on V-day is to gather your single girlfriends at your place, watch a couple of horror flicks and consume foods that no one else will on that day, like garlic, cod, and beer. And then enjoy yourself on your own. Aren’t you special?

And when you call it night, who better to love yourself, than you? Have a blast pleasure yourself silly with the “Womanizer Premium Kit”  After all, you know yourself best, right?


Don’t let us do all the deciding for you! No one knows you better than, well, you. Take a look at some of Tickle Kitty’s other orgasmic offerings and pick your fave! It’s time to treat yourself!

What Kind of Valentine’s Girl Are You?
What Kind of Valentine’s Girl Are You?
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