Gentle Vibes for Extra Sensitive Women

Sex toys are on a trendy power high! Super-strength vibrators and intense toys are all the rage, but not all clitorises are created equal. For more sensitive clits, high-speed vibrators create more “ouch!” than “oh yes!” Don’t fret if your kitty isn’t down with heavy petting. It’s a big sex toy world out there, and there’s a vibe in the Tickle Kitty family to please every body. These are our top toy choices for a softer, more gntler touch.

The Lay-On Rabbit

Direct clitoral stimulation is often touted as the ticket to orgasm heaven, but for some women, spot-on clit contact is just too much. The Lay-On Rabbit’s vibrating ears surround the clitoris, hitting the nerve endings along the clit’s side and in the labia. There are tons of nerve endings in the outer edges of the clitoris. V-shaped vibes are designed to rumble all those hidden pleasure spots next-door to your O button.

TRYST -Multi-Erogenous Zone Couples Vibe

It might take some experimentation to find your clit’s favorite position, and that’s exactly why we love the Tryst. This funky vibe can be flexed and flipped to stimulate all the parts of your vulva. Separate the arms and run them up and down the outer edges of your clitoris or your inner and outer lips. You can also place the Tryst with arms laid flat around the vulva. The vibrating ends will tickle your perineum and the clitoral hood.

Lust L5

The Lust knows the art of the tease. This downright gorgeous pleasure device resembles a delicate flower. Two sets of soft silicone petals flutter around the slender vibrating stamen in the middle, giving your clitoris a taste of foreplay before the main event. Use the petals to warm up by letting them lightly flick across your clit, and then hold the stamen flat against your vulva. The petals will deliciously flutter your outer labia while the stamen brings you over the edge.

Hello Touch

Your fingers know just the right touch to coax your sensitive clitoris to orgasm. Give them a (ahem!) hand with the gentle vibrations of the Hello Touch. The four tiny finger pads strap right onto your digits, making them perfect for teasing multiple areas of your vulva. The single-speed motors send out remarkably soft rumbles that never overpower a light stroke of the finger. Change the positioning of your hand or simply use more pressure if you need a deeper sensation.

The Clitoris Cuddler

The Clitoris Cuddler is an all-around winner for spectacular external stimulation, and a must-have for sensitive bodies. The thick ridges of silicone surrounding the motor dampen the vibrations, and the five speeds give you the option to start slow. Keep clicking the toggle button to get to the best part: the pulsating patterns! Escalating and on-and-off buzzing are not only a fun tease, but can be less intense than flat, static vibration. You can even warm yourself up by adding some lube to the Cuddler and running the silicone ridges across your clitoris before turning on the motor.

Your Vibe + Dr. Sadie’s Vibrator Hacks

You’ve got this toy, sitting all alone in your drawer, that would be so perfect if the vibrations were just a tiny bit softer! You can make any sex toy fit for your sensitive clitoris with some super-easy modifications. For too-strong vibes, use a blanket or a soft, thick fabric to dampen the intensity of your toy. Place it over your vulva and experiment by folding the fabric and moving the toy around until you find the right combination of buzz-and-blanket. You can even try leaving your panties on! Choose a pair that will let your vibe slide around smoothly on the outside. Play around with different underwear styles and textures, like lace, silk, boy shorts, or thongs. There’s no vibe that can’t be hacked with a little help from Dr. Sadie!


We’re so glad we introduced you to the joys of gentle vibes. But if power is also your pleasure, here are a few more selections that can take you from a mild to wild ride!

Crazzy Bunny

You’ll be hopping with joy from this petite powerhouse bullet vibe. Tickling rabbit ears for pinpoint pleasure, 10 toe-curling settings, and one of the most powerful motors available… BUY NOW

Eva Mini Vibe

Eva Mini Vibe

A sensual shape designed for maximum G-spot stimulation, a flexible tickler for teasing and pleasing in all the right ways; what’s not to love?… BUY NOW
The LOVER Smart Ring

The soft ring stretches around his shaft, and the flatter, longer bullet vibe is perfectly positioned for clitoral pleasures… BUY NOW

Magic Wand – Now Rechargeable!

An unbeatable classic for powerful orgasms. It’s been giving ah-mazing topical satisfaction for over 35 years… BUY NOW


Gentle Vibes for Extra-Sensitive Women
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