How to Spice Up a Date Night

Think back to one of your hottest dates. Not necessarily where you went, but how you felt when the passion started to peak. When you were still out in public, ready to rip your date’s clothes off. At that point, the sexual chemistry has evolved from pretty obvious to palpable, and you may have just heard someone shout, “go get a room!” in your direction. Often times, the decision arrives to throw in the towel during dessert, and high tail it home for hot sex.

That feeling of insatiable anticipation and desire before stepping foot into the bedroom—isn’t it delicious? This fiery dynamic is #RelationshipGoals, whether you’re in a long term relationship or on a first date. No matter what stage of the relationship you’re in, that dynamic is VITAL to your success. Here are some tips on fostering that vibrancy no matter what stage you’re at, or where you go on your date.

On a first date, romantic synergy isn’t 100% guaranteed. However, focusing on your confidence prior to a date is a sure-shot way to shine even if the date doesn’t. Bringing your A-game even if your date sex isn’t on the menuPublic Foreplay for the Mild Exhibitionist is what counts. Nipple pasties are a discreet way of drawing out your inner sex goddess. The feeling of these sexy adornments underneath your bra will invoke serious sensual energy and a bold sense of empowerment. Your posture and mannerisms will perk up, right along with your nipples. For a more erotic experience, Lace Panties with Pleasure Pearl Beads are insanely thrilling to wear in public. They don’t vibrate; there are no crazy bells and whistles, but you will seriously make people wonder why you’re smiling. The strip of soft pearls down the center will roll backward and forward with your every move, whether sitting or standing. Generating secret arousal will make it impossible to NOT smile, despite any awkward moments. Women who take longer to climax may also benefit from a pearl thong or vibrating underwear, because it will kick start your stimulation. Who knows, you may even come before you go home. And that is a win-win whether you’re alone, or otherwise.

On the other hand, long term relationships take effort when it comes to keeping it spicy. Getting out of the house is half the battle; ending the night with a bang takes intention. If you are looking to create an ideal sexual environment, make foreplay the focus of your date, instead of the bi-product. Typically, foreplay is considered a bedroom ritual, but why wait for shop clitoral vibratorsthe toys to come out at the end of the night? Some couples and individuals wear sex toys in public unbeknownst to anyone else, just for the thrill of it. Have you ever thought the two people at the next table are giggling because one is wearing a vibrator? It is totally possible. Certain sex toys are designed to put the power of your pleasure in someone else’s hands. The compact Jive – Bluetooth Controlled Wearable Vibrator is a quintessential hands-free sex toy, with an egg shape that fits snugly alongside the G-spot. It is so discreet and quiet, you can wear it during sex, on a date, or even at work! The Jive is controlled through a wireless app which your partner can operate from anywhere in the world (but would highly enjoy watching you squirm from across the table).

Another vibrator that you can wear comfortably underneath your clothes is the Butterfly Remote Penis Venus, which stimulates the clitoris as it penetrates, a bonus for the clit queens. Handing the compact remote to your partner, knowing very well you could totally orgasm in public takes confidence and trust. To amp up the adrenaline, visit a karaoke bar and test your willpower while belting out a song for your lover. This activity could turn into something you really enjoy together. If not, it will make an awesome story.

Just keep in mind that where you choose to go, and what you choose to do is really just a vehicle to foster authentic joy with each other, and ultimately strengthen a relationship. Next date  night, consider thinking outside the box (and the bedroom)!

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How to Spice Up a Date Night
How to Spice Up a Date Night
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