Stay Harder and Last Longer With These 3 Simple Workouts

When we were at our sexual peaks at 18, we could eat whatever we wanted, and never gained a pound. But as those early days of adulthood fade, we’ve learned that maintaining a healthy body and sex life requires some discipline and work. If you’re still in your easy-going twenties, you probably aren’t too concerned with what lies ahead, but the rest of us can agree that it’s going to happen to you, too.

Many of us become desk jockeys, develop a keen fondness for beer, or just have less time or desire for the physical activities we enjoyed in our youth. The bottom line is that, sooner or later, we have to develop new healthy habits to counter the factors that weigh us down as we grow into seasoned adult men.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend money on a gym membership to get back the stamina, drive and strong erection that came naturally in your teens and twenties. There’s a lot of clickbait out there, promising easy fixes for things like erectile dysfunction or sexual stamina, but we’ve researched and narrowed-down the exercises recommended by experts for improving the quality of your sex life, and here’s our top three:

1. Planks and Push-ups

I always thought planking was just that stupid thing kids did a few years back in photos all over the internet. But it turns out planks of a slightly different sort are really great for strengthening your core, shoulders and lower back, while push-ups work the arms. If you’re often on top during sex, working on these areas is a no-brainer.

While I won’t waste anyone’s time explaining how to do push-ups, planks5 ways to make a guy feel great about his member may be as new to you as they were for me, so let’s start with the basics, as there are many variations. It’s starts at the top position of a push-up, with your hands planted on the floor below your shoulders. Next, stretch your heels back, forming your entire body into a straight line, including your head (You may want the aid of a mirror to be sure this is achieved). You’ll find that tightening the glutes will help stabilize this position. Hold for as long as possible, and increase the holding time to meet your abilities as you get better at it. Along with a stronger core and arms, you’ll notice that planks increase your stamina and control during sex, and likely better thrusting too!

2. Kegels

Kegels became a sensation years ago for women wanting to tighten back up and control incontinence after childbirth. But more recently men have discovered the benefits for themselves, too. Kegels strengthen pelvic floor muscles, resulting in better control so you can avoid dreadful things like premature ejaculation.

The most challenging part of the exercise is narrowing down and isolating the correct muscles. So the next time you’re taking a leak, try to stop the flow in mid-stream. You probably won’t be able to, but at least now you’re getting an idea of the muscles you’ll be focusing on. Another way to locate the muscles is to try to lift your Johnson in the air, without using your hands, of course. The great thing about Kegels is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Just tighten and hold for several seconds, and repeat. Three sets of 10 reps is a good routine that will lead to better orgasm control and a harder erection. You might also find that orgasms feel even better!

3. Cardio

Depending on where you’re at physically, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend starting with something especially vigorous. It’s alwaysWhat You Need to Know About Men's Sex Toys a good idea to check with a doctor before embarking on any new exercise regime. But the goal here is to increase your heart and respiration rates. That ultimately results in better blood flow, so if you don’t get as hard as you once did, or if you suffer from ED, this will help. It’s also going to reap you better endurance in bed. If you’re on the obese side, you may also have noticed a decrease in libido. A simple activity like walking for 30-60 minutes three to five times a week will begin to show positive results in no time. My personal favorite cardio activity is swimming because it’s actually fun, so it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising for exercising’s sake. And it burns calories like crazy, so you won’t just feel better—you’ll look better, too!

Bonus workout: More sex! Yes, having more sex will help you improve your sex life ipso facto and because it’s a workout—working you out in all the right ways.

The more you workout, the more you’ll be able to have sex, which will become an awesome cycle of sex and health. Just try not to let those wild sex sessions go all night long because you’ll also want a good sleep schedule and a healthy diet to supplement those workouts. Cheers to good health and a better sex life!

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Stay Harder and Last Longer with These 3 Simple Workouts
Stay Harder and Last Longer with These 3 Simple Workouts
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