7 Surprising Facts About the Nipples

One of the most potentially powerful yet often overlooked erogenous zones, the nipples can be a wonderful world of untapped pleasure. With more than 800 nerve endings, they can incite just as much arousal as any genital on the block. So while needless to say they put the “tit” in titillating, the fact of the matter is our breasts, unfortunately, don’t always get the sensual spotlight they deserve.

And for how much attention they attract, it’s astounding how little we tend to actually know about them. But luckily it’s time that busty buck stops here! There’s a lot more to this dynamic duo than just making us look (and feel) great:

They can be orgasm-inducing.

Ah yes, the elusive nipplegasm. A concept that may not be applicable to everyone, but when it is—it’s amazing. Whether kissing, licking, sucking or clamping does the trick, nippleplay done right can release enough oxytocin into the brain to orgasm from it alone. Like anything else, it usually takes time to get in the swing of what feels best to you (or your partner), but once you tune into the right stimulating techniques, foreplay may never be the same again.

No two are alike.

Just like snowflakes, no two nipples are exactly the same. Experts say there are about eight different types in general; and for some people they’re super sensitive, while for others a good caress couldn’t be less productive. Sometimes they’re big and dark, other times they’re small, light-colored and possibly inverted. Your left and right ones most likely aren’t even the same size either…

They’re the first to develop.

Of course our human form makes its debut at birth, but in reality, you and your nips go back even farther. They develop before any other sex organs in the body, which is why both men and women have them ahead of any other sexual differentiation setting in.

The piercing process can be gnarly.

Even though nipple piercings can be equal parts alluring and super painful, they also tend to take a surprisingly long time to completely heal. According to several experts, it can be as long as three to six months (and sometimes even longer), with avoidance of other risks like infection and scarring important to keep in mind along the way as well.

Different strokes for different folks.

As is usually the case when it comes to body image, the “ideal” appearance of nipples greatly varies from culture to culture. In some countries, darker coloring is a huge turn on, whereas in other places like Japan special makeup designed for pink-ening them is all the rage.

More than two isn’t unheard of.

The world is no stranger to third nipple jokes, but extra nips (AKA supernumerary nipples) aren’t actually the most uncommon thing. While developing in the womb multiple nipples have a way of popping up along the two milk lines that run throughout our torso. Often times these spots disappear before we’re born, but for some they never do. And while it’s hard to know any definitive figures of how widespread it for sure is, some studies have estimated upwards of six percent of people have at least one extra. Just ask Harry Styles.

They’re also the same distance apart as your earlobes.

What can we say other than who knew?!

So if nippleplay is totally up your alley, keep these fun facts in your back pocket while exploring this uniquely erogenous world. Whether it’s lube, icy balm, toys or just a good old-fashioned fondle that seals the deal, paying attention to breasts can be a great way to spice up your seductive endeavors. And besides, isn’t it about time they finally get a fair share of the love, too?


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7 Surprising Facts About the Nipples
7 Surprising Facts About the Nipples
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