Shocking Sex Statistics–How Does Your Bedroom Game Compare?

If there’s one thing people are dying to know, it’s whether they’re “normal” compared to everyone else.  And for something as complicated as sex, it’s hard to even say there’s such thing as a standard. But regardless of how you phrase it, everyone loves a good sensual stat, so here are just a few of our fave’s to see how your game may (or may not) rank among the average:


How old are people when they had their first orgasm?

One of life’s greatest rights of passages tends to happen all across the maturity map. Research has shown ages 17-19 is when 27% of people experienced their first orgasm, followed by 19% experiencing orgasm at ages 14-16, and 18% at 20-24. And unsurprisingly enough, the smallest reported group was ages less than 11 years old coming in at 9.5%, but hey—to each their own.

How old are most people when they lose their virginity? 

When it’s just plain and simple intercourse, the average age of first-time males is 16.8 years old, and for females 17.2, according to the Kinsey Institute.


How often do people masturbate? 

Whether flicking the bean or wanking one off, men and women both find bliss in the pleasure-packed pastime of masturbation. A 2016 study by Japanese toy company TENGA revealed 95% of males and 81% of females admit to having masturbated at some point in their lifetime. On average, they found men masturbated around 15 times per month, and women around 8 times per month; as well as singles doing so 16 times per month, in contrast to couples at 10 times per month.

Why do most people masturbate?

(As if we need a reason) That same TENGA research revealed the most common goal 59% of people cited for masturbating is purely to relieve sexual tension. Closely behind, 56% of the group also credited it to sexual pleasure, 54% said for relaxation/stress relief, and last but not least 26% showed their love for it in order to help fall asleep.


How frequently do people orgasm?

It comes as no surprise that men typically orgasm more than women (during sex, at least), but how exactly does that break down? According to a nationwide study, 95% of heterosexual men reported ‘usually to always’ crossing the finish line when being intimate, with 89% of gay men and 88% of bisexual men following suit. On the flip side, 86% of lesbians with only 66% of bisexual women and 65% of hetero women claimed the same degree of frequency.

How long does it take to climax?

In a world where the orgasm gap has never been more alive, couples have long faced the contradiction of men needing around 5 and a half minutes to seal the sexy deal, as opposed to women who need about 17 minutes on average.

How do most women orgasm?

A Cosmopolitan study shows that masturbating with a hand or toy has shown to be the most popular route in a landslide for about 39% of gals, with 20% citing a vaginal intercourse/clitoral stimulation combo, 15% saying vaginal intercourse alone, 12% crediting oral sex, 9% loving a partner using their hand and a lonely 2% enjoying a partner using toys on them.


How common really are they? 

TENGA’s data also showed American men pale in comparison to women when it comes to owning sex toys at about 20% to 42%, respectively.

Which ones are most popular?

But of all the ones to choose from, vibrators definitely take the cake as the most popularly purchased toy online at 19.2%. Dildos come in second at 16%, followed by lube (which hello, is more essential than a toy) at 14%, anal beads at 12%, penis rings at 11.8%, rubber vaginas/masturbation sleeves at 8.5%, and blindfolds, strap-on’s, handcuffs and more at the bottom with 5% or less.


How long do most people spend watching porn?

According to PornHub’s healthy hoard of viewer data, the worldwide average of time spent per visit in 2017 clocked in at 9 minutes and 59 seconds. A whopping 23 second increase from the previous year! In the US alone, the average came in a bit higher at 10 minutes and 33 seconds, with Mississipians holding it down for the longest at 11 minutes, 33 seconds, compared to those going for gold in Kansas at 9 minutes, 5 seconds.

Ok, but what about women specifically?

We know guys always get the rap for porn habits, but research from Marie Claire revealed more than 60% of gals watch it a few times per month to every week, and upwards of 10% admitted daily. And while more than half noted they usually indulge alone, 33% get down with watching it with a partner on an occasional or regular basis as well.

And Lastly For Good Measure…

How long is the average penis?

Although size only matters to some, the great wide world of penises has proven to typically range anywhere from 1.6 to 10.2 inches. The average size when flaccid is around 3.5 to 3.9 inches, but when fully erect measures up to around 5.5 inches in all.

So even if you slept through your college stats class and think you’re the ultimate cheese that stands alone, remember there are always people that fall around you on the never-ending distribution curve of sextistics. Study up!

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Shocking Sex Statistics—How Does Your Bedroom Game Compare?
Shocking Sex Statistics—How Does Your Bedroom Game Compare?
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