How to Beat the Heat While Keeping Things Steamy This Summer

It’s hard to imagine describing sex as “too hot”, unless you mean it literally.

With the scorching summer alive and well that means the heat is unfortunately here to stay, but don’t let that stop you from ringing in the year’s most sultry season. As temperatures rise, so do our desires; and with the annual spirit of adventure that sets in, so do the endless ways of spicing things up while keeping cool just the same.

Temperature Play

When looking for ways to beat the heat, consider the straightforward approach of temperature play. By incorporating things like ice cubes orYour Guide to Safe Sex Underwater cooling lubricant into your ordinary sexcapades, you can provoke all kinds of sensual reactions through the skin’s millions of neuroreceptors. Our bodies are used to the warmth of human touch, so a rush of sensation coupled with the chill of these objects can result in a newfound night of intimacy with an exciting edge. And if you’re really willing to kick things up a notch, try icing down a glass dildo or butt plug for an even more pleasure-packed effect.

Shower Sex

Not too hot, not too cold, but when the temp is just right, shower sex can be a great solution to stickiness and sweat. Although it can be tricky to master, a wet hot shower with your partner (and some slippery lube) can be one of the sexiest sights to see. Nice and slicked down, exchanging steamy kisses from beginning to end—you’ll feel refreshed and recharged without ever once feeling the discomfort of a sweltering summer.


When it comes to lingerie, we all have that special piece (or ten) we’ve been dying to show off. So what better way to do so than when it’s too hot to wear clothing anyway! On days spent close to home this summer, capitalize on the blistering temps by swapping out the baggy loungewear for that super hot getup that’s been collecting dust in your closet for far too long. Of course some pieces are fine to be worn under clothes, but others are just too gorgeous to keep contained, so surprise your partner with a seductive look that will have them (and you) vouching for minimal clothing year-round.

Low-Contact Positions

Getting a little sweaty can definitely be a turn on, but not when your bodies riding out the stormturn into full on slip-n-slides. Opting for positions that minimize bodily contact can be logical lifesavers that still capture the intimacy of sex without the warmth of something like missionary. Other choices like cowgirl, doggy style, a penetrative spooning, or plain old-fashioned oral can offer more comfortable solutions that of course are just as enjoyable…if not more.

Mutual Masturbation

Or you can avoid full-body contact all together through the ever-alluring act of mutual masturbation. Despite the lack of physicality, it’s a great way to guarantee you’re touched exactly how you like to be touched, plus it provides each person a first-hand guide to how the other likes it done. And not to mention, some super sexy visuals, too.

Get Creative Around The House

The first rule of spicing things up means getting out of your regular routine, so for some that may mean the bedroom itself. Once the summertime heat rolls around, we all know there’s no turning back. So let it be the perfect excuse to trade in the hot sheets for more exotic locations around the house. Getting down to business in chairs, up against a table or even right on top of a nice, cool countertop can provide some much-needed relief from the heat that often accompanies your bedroom backdrop. And if your house happens to have a basement (or downstairs), you may have really hit the jackpot! Since we know heat rises, it’s always so much cooler down below.

So as the sun beats down and the heat turns up, at least we can dive into this summer season knowing sensual sacrifices are the last things that have to be made.

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How To Beat The Heat While Keeping Things Steamy This Summer  
How To Beat The Heat While Keeping Things Steamy This Summer  
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